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Local's Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

Tucked away in Colorado, just a short drive from Denver or Fort Collins is the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park. There are endless adventures to be had in Rocky Mountain National Park, making it an ideal getaway location for families, couples, friends, or groups.

For those who live nearby, the numerous activities available, which change with the seasons, make Rocky Mountain National Park a place worth visiting over and over again. 

High Peak Facilities Breakdown

The mission of High Peak Camp is: to use nature and the great outdoors as a setting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach environmental awareness, encourage prosocial behavior and safely provide the opportunity to every camper for fun and adventure.

At High Peak Camp, children can participate in activities they have never tried before, master skills (like fly fishing or building a campfire), conquer fears (such as overcoming the fear of heights by reaching the top of the climbing wall or going down the zip line), spend time enjoying the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and grow in their faith.

How Retreats Bring Your Small Group Together

A small group is a collection of people who meet regularly to discuss how to grow as more devoted followers of Jesus Christ, how much they are cooperating with God's grace, how to watch over one another in love, and how to mutually challenge, support and encourage one another in the pursuit of deeply committed Christian discipleship.

Ministry small groups are growing more and more popular and have become a great way to build community in churches, large and small. Small group leaders are regularly looking for ways to enhance community and build stronger bonds within the group.

A small group retreat is a fantastic way to unite your small group and serve as a catalyst for making friends. You can get to know each other better through these friendships, which strengthens your mutual respect and trust. 

FAQ About Youth Retreats at High Peak Camp

When planning a youth retreat, many questions may arise. It’s important to ask all the right questions to have a successful youth retreat. One important piece of information to get the most out of your retreat is to ask if the vision and purpose of the host camp align with your vision and purpose.

When deciding on a host camp to hold your youth retreat, you will also want to make sure there are plenty of camp activities to choose from to help keep your youth energized and engaged.