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Everything You Need to Know About Disc Golf

Beginning informally in the early 1900s and growing in popularity after the 1970s, disc golf, sometimes called Frisbee golf, has become one of the most famous minor sports in the United States, with over 6,000 courses located in all fifty states. The sport has become a staple and is popular for being easy to learn and easy to play. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about disc golf, its history, its rules, and some tips to prepare players looking to get started with disc golf. Get your disc, and let’s get going! 

Six Tips for Planning a Women's Retreat

Women’s retreats are one of the best ways to develop and strengthen your bond with your group of female friends. If you have a group of women of which you are a part, planning a women’s retreat can help ensure your group grows together while being close to nature. Furthermore, retreats are a great way for you and your friends to experience emotional release and physical rejuvenation. 

Estes Park Is the Perfect Destination for Your Corporate Retreat

Estes Park, CO, is a mountain town with a rich heritage and is located about 90 minutes outside of Denver near Rocky Mountain National Park. The area is most recognized for its beautiful mountain scenery, free-roaming wildlife, and incredible outdoor experiences. 

For companies that want to treat their employees with a fun, relaxing, team-building retreat near Estes Park, High Peak Camp is the perfect solution. Here are four top reasons why Estes Park is a great plan for your corporate retreat

Middle Schoolers Need Nature

Middle school is often thought to be one of the most difficult times in an adolescent’s life. There are a million different challenges faced by preteens and those just becoming teenagers. A few of those challenges include but are hardly limited to:

  • Changes happening within their bodies and minds
  • Navigating friendships and relationships 
  • Trying to balance social media and real life
  • Bullying in school and on social media
  • Home and family life
  • Keeping up with school work and preparing for high school

Middle schoolers need to be able to disconnect from the things that cause stress and anxiety. They need to be able to reconnect with God through creation.