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How Retreats Bring Your Small Group Together

A small group is a collection of people who meet regularly to discuss how to grow as more devoted followers of Jesus Christ, how much they are cooperating with God's grace, how to watch over one another in love, and how to mutually challenge, support and encourage one another in the pursuit of deeply committed Christian discipleship.

Ministry small groups are growing more and more popular and have become a great way to build community in churches, large and small. Small group leaders are regularly looking for ways to enhance community and build stronger bonds within the group.

A small group retreat is a fantastic way to unite your small group and serve as a catalyst for making friends. You can get to know each other better through these friendships, which strengthens your mutual respect and trust. 


Retreats can include not only serious aspects but also fun and laughter, making the time together a memorable event. The best part is that through participating in a retreat together, deep bonds are formed that will improve your small group fellowship.

How Retreats Bring Your Small Group Together

1. Takes You Away from Your Typical Daily Routine

Our world is hectic and full of distractions. By going to a different place with a different environment and removing yourself from your typical daily routine, you are able to remove yourself from the distractions of life and focus on reconnecting with God and the others in your small group.

A retreat frees you from the restrictions of daily life and your hectic, stressful schedule. It allows you to spend more time in prayer. Prayer is an important discipline to include throughout your retreat because it is a powerful means to obtain closeness to God. Prayer will take you to a place that will be easier to find inner peace since it allows you to be closer to God. 

2. Gives You an Opportunity to Take In and Enjoy God’s Creation 

God’s creation is such a beautiful expression of who He is. Being outdoors and taking in nature is very relaxing. It calms your brain and soothes you. Being outdoors is actually good for your health as well.

It's so much simpler to feel God's presence with you and spend time with Him in prayer when you're taking in His creation. Your relationship with God deepens as you become more connected to His creation. 

3. Strengthens Connections and Combats Loneliness

Going on a retreat with your small group is a great way to foster meaningful friendships and create stronger bonds within your small group. 

People today are craving real connections. When people go on retreats without knowing other members of their group very well, they end up leaving, having formed stronger bonds with them than what can be created in just a weekly get-together. People are more laid back and open in different settings, which makes it easier for them to form meaningful connections with one another.

Social interaction is essential for boosting your mental health and well-being. Attending and being a part of a small group retreat is a positive experience to increase social interaction and combat loneliness. 

4. Brings Relaxation, Refreshment, and Rejuvenation

We don't prioritize taking care of ourselves because of our hectic schedules. Your mental health will be greatly benefited when you set aside time to relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Retreats allow you to do this.

Retreats can also relieve the pressure of hosting for the small group leader and allow them to relax. Retreats allow the small group leader time to reconnect without the stresses of preparing food, cleaning, and getting their home ready for the small group gathering.

After a retreat, you may feel exhausted. However, it's a nice kind of tired. The excellent lessons and experiences had during the retreat will be fresh in your heart and memory.

5. Strengthens Your Relationship with Jesus

It’s important to be intentional in spending quality time with Jesus. Sometimes it takes getting away on a retreat to restart communicating with Him. Spending quality time with Jesus will strengthen your connection with Him. God wants us to communicate with Him and spend time with Him. A retreat is a great place to rekindle that relationship and bring you closer to God.

Going to a retreat can create space and time to allow God to speak and move in fresh ways. Retreat participants are also more open to receiving inspiration and encouragement from the Holy Spirit in a non-threatening environment.   

High Peak Camp 

High Peak Camp TSA is the perfect place for your small group to build community and focus on their spiritual growth. 

The overall purpose of High Peak Camp is to serve the total person physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. The aim of the camping experience is to foster within each individual a deeper understanding of our relationship with God and our fellow human beings; gain an appreciation and respect for God’s creation. 

For more information about High Peak Camp, its facilities, and its program offerings, or to book your next retreat, contact us or visit our website.