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Winter Fun in Estes Park

Estes Park, Colorado, is an idyllic mountain town located at 7,522 feet above sea level, which serves as a base camp for the many adventures to be had in Rocky Mountain National Park. A trip to Estes Park is perfect for families, couples, and friends alike, and there are activities everyone will enjoy. 


From exploring the Colorado Rockies to wildlife viewing to scenic drives, Estes Park is unmatched in the outdoor adventures it offers. Although it was once primarily a summer tourist destination, the town is now a year-round getaway, and events continue throughout every season, including during the colder winter months.

Why High Peak Camp?

High Peak Camp is a Christian camp in Colorado operated by The Salvation Army Intermountain Division. High Peak is a member of the American Camp Association and Christian Camping and Conference Association; therefore, the facility and program are run to the standards set by these accrediting bodies.

High Peak is located just a few minutes outside of downtown Estes Park and sits adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. Its location is perfect because the camp maintains a rustic feel without being far from restaurants and shops. At the same time, its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park is ideal for those who love the outdoors and want to spend time enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

High Peak Camp Ideas for a Youth Ministry Retreat

Are you in charge of putting together a retreat for your youth ministry? Do you ever wonder what makes a successful retreat? How do you even start the planning process? You are in the right place to begin the planning!

Depending on a variety of reasons, youth ministry retreats can take on very unique forms. However, effective retreats frequently share a few characteristics. Large or small groups of individuals will typically gather for a youth ministry retreat in order to recharge and reconnect with one another and with the Lord.

High Peak Camp Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Retreat Location

A retreat can be extremely beneficial for the well-being of the people in your organization or ministry. One definition of retreat is to “withdraw to a quiet or secluded place.” Another definition reads, “a period of seclusion for the purpose of prayer and meditation.” Yet another states, “a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.”

Two words all three of these definitions have in common are “quiet and secluded.” When choosing a place to retreat, you want to think about removing your people from the normal hustle and bustle of life and bringing them to a place where they can withdraw from everyday life and rejuvenate.

By removing the people from your organization or ministry from their everyday setting and bringing them to a new location, you are allowing them to reconnect with one another and bond on a more intimate level. So, you want to make sure your retreat location is ideal for the objectives at hand. In order to have a successful retreat, make sure you think about the following considerations.