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Why Every College Student Should Work at Summer Camp

There is no way around the fact that college is more expensive than ever. For many, that means that getting a job is necessary, at least during the summer. Is there a perfect job?

  • Server: Tips can make serving at a restaurant lucrative, but you might get yelled at about things that are not your fault.
  • Barista: The coffee shop might have the right vibes, but you're going to find yourself in a debate about what actually is a macchiato. Is it   Or an upside-down vanilla latte?
  • Construction: The upside is that you will learn valuable skills. The downside is that work can be sporadic and, of course, hot in the summer.
  • Work-study: You might be able to get a job at your college or university, but then you never get to leave school.
  • Retail: If you don't love working on holidays, retail may not be for you. 

In reality, all of these options are excellent jobs that build skills and provide great experiences for personal and professional growth. Most of them don't preclude you from doing the true summer area job for a college student - working at a summer camp.

Here are eight reasons why every college student should work at summer camp.

When to Start Planning Your Fall Retreat

Spring often drags its feet here the high plains and foothills of the Rockies. One day it feels like we might feel like we are finally ready to put winter away, then it's frigid and snowy for another month. Nevertheless, this is the right time of year to ask: Are you ready for your fall retreat?

Why would we ask about fall when it's barely spring? The success of your retreat depends on a number of factors, including getting the right retreat center, ensuring you have adequate transportation, and having a solid plan for the weekend. The earlier you can start planning your fall retreat, the better your chances of having a memorable retreat. 

Why Summer Camp Is Great for Kids

For students and families, this is the busiest period of the school year. Parents are working hard to make sure that their children keep up with their homework, while stressed children are struggling to complete all their projects and keep up with the information they need to study. At the same time, there are chores to complete, sports practices to attend, extracurricular activities, and more. 

Additionally, spring is around the corner. Parents want to make sure their kids get outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and anywhere around the Front Range. While you want to go enjoy the Rockies, you and your family may feel stuck inside through one of the prettiest times of the year. 

With the end of the school year in sight, you want to make sure your kids have opportunities to get outdoors. Summer camp is the answer to ensure that your children have an adventurous experience in nature this year.