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When to Start Planning Your Fall Retreat

Spring often drags its feet here the high plains and foothills of the Rockies. One day it feels like we might feel like we are finally ready to put winter away, then it's frigid and snowy for another month. Nevertheless, this is the right time of year to ask: Are you ready for your fall retreat?

Why would we ask about fall when it's barely spring? The success of your retreat depends on a number of factors, including getting the right retreat center, ensuring you have adequate transportation, and having a solid plan for the weekend. The earlier you can start planning your fall retreat, the better your chances of having a memorable retreat. 


If you are tasked with planning a fall retreat, we want to help guide you through the process, beginning with picking a date as soon as possible. 

Eight Things You Need to Know About Planning a Fall Retreat

1) Start Planning Your Retreat in Spring (or Earlier)

The earlier you can start planning your retreat, the better. Some of the reasons we recommend beginning the process by spring include:

  • Choosing a date sooner gives you more time to communicate with your leaders and target audience in order to figure out what date is best for you.
  • Choosing a date early ensures that you have the most options for retreat centers.
  • You and your team will have more time to plan if you choose a date early.
  • Early booking typically gives you the best chance at securing the best pricing
  • Early booking helps you secure the best lodging and ensures access to the facilities you want to use at your retreat venue 
  • Beginning the process of planning sooner can help reduce stress

2) Choose the Best Possible Venue

When it comes to finding a retreat facility, you want to find a place that suits your goals. Here are a few questions to answer that will help you choose the right facility:

  • Do you want comfortable lodging?
  • Do you need access to Wi-Fi and technology?
  • Do you want a place with a view?
  • What kind of activities will your group want to do?
  • What kind of skills do you want your group to learn?
  • Do you want to be in town or have access to nature?

Again, the sooner you plan your retreat, the more likely you are to find a place that fits your needs. Of course, it is always a good idea to call before you rule out a place

3) Plan Food and Transportation Early

It's possible that your church or organization already owns a bus or van, so renting one isn't an issue. However, if you're looking to rent a vehicle, the sooner, the better. Large passenger vehicles are quickly booked. 

You'll need drivers and volunteers regardless of the vehicles you use. It's a good idea to have at least two adults per vehicle if you're hosting a youth retreat. All of this requires careful planning that is best done earlier than later. 

At some point on your retreat, your group will be hungry. It is a good idea to plan to prepare some meals, but go out for others. 

4) Develop a Great Theme

While we do recommend picking your date and venue as soon as possible, that is not to say your theme is less of a priority. Once you know where and when your retreat will take place, it will be easier to give your time to pray for help and develop the theme that will guide your weekend. 

5) Build a Solid and Flexible Schedule

Developing your retreat schedule involves a balance of making sure you utilize your venue’s facilities, accomplish the goals of your retreat, and allow enough flexibility to ensure people feel rested and refreshed when they return home. 

6) Advertise Your Retreat to Your Audience

You may start advertising your retreat to your target demographic as soon as you have a date and a topic. Adults and families may be less available to make last-minute decisions than college students. 

Because school and athletic schedules fill up rapidly, make sure you plan ahead of time to get your event in front of as many people as possible.

7) Pray for Your Retreat 

Don’t forget to pray for your retreat. While you may be choosing the date and venue, you are still asking God for the kind of spiritual growth that only he can provide. Planning ahead does help ensure you can spend plenty of time petitioning the Lord that your people will draw closer to Jesus on your weekend away.

8) Have Fun 

Retreat planning can be fun in its own right as you imagine the weekend and the growth you will experience. If you are searching for a retreat venue near Rocky Mountain National Park, High Peak Camp is your answer. 

The people on your retreat will be treated to beautiful views, excellent facilities, and access to RNP. Contact us for more information about planning a retreat at High Peak Camp.