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Five Tips for Planning Your Corporate Retreat

Suppose you are the leader of a business that has survived and possibly thrived in the last few years; congratulations on making it this far. The challenges companies faced throughout the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues have gone above and beyond the difficulties you would expect in business. 

Many closed-up shop and others are hanging on by a thread due to no fault of their own. If you made it, you and your team deserve a round of applause. 

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, we can begin to think about things like marketing, sales, accounting, taxes, etc. You may want to thank your team for sticking it out during the tough times and helping your organization get this far. 

You may have picked up some new team members and realized it's time to start developing relations. A corporate retreat can help say thanks while also facilitating valuable team building. 

7 Tips for Planning a Great Youth Retreat

If you are a student pastor or youth leader in a church or organization, there are many reasons you might be considering planning a retreat:

  • To help youth relax from the stress of school and social pressure. 
  • To help youth take a break from intense athletic and extracurricular schedules. 
  • To give youth a planned break from phones and social media.
  • To facilitate opportunities for students to make meaningful connections with other youth. 
  • To provide a chance for youth to enjoy nature. 
  • To help remind students of the love of God through Jesus.

A youth retreat is a great way to get middle and high school students out of their comfort zones and away from their phones so they can connect with God and others.

7 Must-Do Activities for a Women's Ministry Retreat

One of the goals of every ministry leader is to help facilitate relationships that provide a much-needed community for the people in your group. The importance of having friends in our lives who we trust to walk with us through the best and worst of times cannot be overstated. Of course, forming those bonds and learning to trust people is easier said than done. 

Scheduling a retreat is a great way to help jumpstart relationships and integrate new people into your women’s ministry. If you are planning a women’s ministry retreat near Rocky Mountain National Park, here are a few must-do activities to help your group have fun and grow together. 

Five Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park is without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns in the country. We are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Rockies, as well as stunning foothills, fast-flowing rivers and creeks, and an abundance of wildlife. Although we only have about five thousand permanent residents, we welcome millions of people here each year from every corner of the world. 

Whether you are just down the road in Denver or Fort Collins or traveling from another state or country, you want to make sure you get the most out of your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. There is so much to do and see that it can be challenging to narrow down your options if you can’t spend a lifetime here.