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Six Signs Your Youth Group Needs a Nature Retreat

Being a teenager is a time of great change, growth, and development. It is a time when young people are beginning to form their own identities, establish independence, and navigate the world around them. While being a teen can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be challenging. 

What Is the Right Age for Kids to Go to Camp?

Summer is a fun but wild time for parents. Sometimes it feels like it’s busier than the school year. Other times, it feels like figuring out what your kids are going to do in a day is a full-time job. 

There are many fun and engaging activities that kids can do during the summer to stay active, learn new skills, and have fun. Here are a few ideas:

Summer Camp Is a Great Job for College Students

Finding a job as a college student can be challenging, especially in today's competitive job market. Some of the main challenges that college students face when looking for work include:

Nine Tips for Safe Youth Retreats in Nature

Children today play outside half as much as they did thirty years ago, according to the Alliance for Childhood, a non-profit advocacy organization. Children aged 10 to 16 spend an average of 10.4 of their waking hours almost motionless, according to research by the Alliance for Childhood.

Inactivity has negative effects that are widely known. Children who aren't active as they grow up have increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Encourage kids to play outside as a terrific way to get them moving and teach them about the world.