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What Is the Perfect Size Group for a Retreat?

The well-being of the members of your team or ministry can benefit greatly from a retreat. A retreat is defined as "withdrawing to a quiet or secluded place." Another definition is "a period of seclusion for the purpose of prayer and meditation." Yet another defines it as "a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax."

Quiet and seclusion are two characteristics that all three of these definitions share. You should consider removing your group from the daily chaos and bringing them to a location where they can disconnect from the outside world and recharge when choosing a retreat location.

Retreats can incorporate both serious and lighthearted elements, making the time spent together a special occasion. The best thing is that by going on a retreat together, you can build strong relationships that will enhance your group's fellowship no matter the size of the group.

You are giving the members of your group or ministry the opportunity to reconnect and form closer bonds by taking them out of their usual environment and placing them in a new setting. You should therefore ensure that the retreat's group size is ideal for the current goals, budget, and comfort level of the retreat.

So… How to Figure Out the Perfect Size Group for a Retreat

This isn’t necessarily a straightforward, one-size-fits-all answer. Here are a few considerations.

1. Correct Location for Your Group Size

The correct group size depends on the location you’d like to go, and what you’re looking to accomplish there. It is crucial to consider where your retreat will be held. 

It should be simple to get to, so make sure of that. It should therefore be nearby to an airport, railway station, or bus stop if they aren't close enough to drive. You should consider how easy it will be for your followers to reach.

You should also consider the surrounding atmosphere. Do you prefer to be close to a bustling metropolis with restaurants and entertainment or a peaceful area with fewer distractions so that team members can concentrate and recharge while relaxing?

Also, you should consider how the area appears. If your team cannot sleep well or is anxious about sanitation, success at a retreat will be difficult to come by. Make sure the retreat location, accommodations, and personnel provide exceptional customer service in addition to being aesthetically beautiful and clean.

Most importantly, you need to make sure the retreat location will accommodate the size group you are planning on having for your retreat. No matter if you decide to have a small group with under twenty-five people, a mid-size group with twenty-five to one hundred people, or a large group with one hundred to three hundred people, you need to make sure the location can accommodate your group size.

2. What Size Group Will Your Budget Allow? 

Knowing your budget can help you decide where to have your retreat and ensure that the venue is within your spending limits. You should inquire about what is included in the rate the venue representatives are quoting when conducting your investigation. Do meals cost more? What about events and a place to hold meetings? You should get clarity and make sure your spending is reasonable because many establishments charge a la carte.

When deciding on the group size for your retreat, you will need to look at your allowed budget. Will the attendees pay to take care of the expense, or will the ministry or organization take care of all the expenses?

3. What Facilities and Amenities Will You Need for Your Group Size?

In terms of lodging, would you prefer large homes or cabins where everyone may stay together instead of hotel-style rooms? Will your group be more at ease in their own room or will they need to share a room with others? Do you want your lodgings to be close to the activities and meeting rooms? You should conduct research on these significant issues and seek answers.

You must also be aware of any particular accommodations you may require, such as handicap accessibility, for those with special needs.

When deciding on the perfect size group for your retreat, you will need to check with the retreat center to make sure they can accommodate every aspect of your retreat. You will need to check on accommodations, meeting room space, dining hall space, and activity availability.

4. What Activities Are You Interested in Your Group Participating In?

Consider what kinds of activities would make your retreat better. Are you seeking indoor activities like going out to eat, watching movies, and visiting tourist attractions, or are you looking for outdoor activities like zip lining, canoeing, hiking, and ropes courses? Your retreat's location will be heavily influenced by the kinds of activities you are looking for.

When deciding on the perfect size group for your retreat, you need to consider what activities you want your retreat to include. Some activities may not accommodate small groups, while other activities may not accommodate large groups.   

High Peak Camp Is the Perfect Place for Your Retreat of Any Group Size

For your next group retreat, choose the magnificent High Peak Camp and Conference Center, which is available from mid-August through mid-May in lovely Estes Park, Colorado

The overall purpose of High Peak Camp is to serve the total person physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. The aim of the camping experience is to foster within each individual a deeper understanding of our relationship with God and our fellow human beings; gain an appreciation and respect for God’s creation. 

Our buildings are a lovely fusion of old and new. High Peak Camp offers many options that are sure to satisfy everyone's needs, from those seeking the most simple getaway to those in need of more substantial amenities. We have the capacity to house and provide meals for up to 300 people. 

Our campus is the perfect place to host a variety of retreats of any size, including retreats for:
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Youth Groups
  • College Groups or Ministries
  • Church or Civic Organizations
  • Small Groups Looking to Connect

Our indoor amenities consist of:

  • Rocky Mountain Lodge
  • High Peak Dorms
  • Worship Center/Chapel
  • The Mill
  • The Dining Hall
  • Coach Stop Cafe

High Peak Camp offers a variety of exciting activities to participate in for physical activity. Below is a list of a few of those activities:

  • Low Ropes
  • High Ropes
  • Climbing Wall
  • Disc Golf
  • Archery
  • Fishing
  • Snow Shoes
  • Ice Skating
  • Broom Ball
  • Mini Golf
  • Gaga Ball
  • Zip Line

Our guests also have access to six trout ponds, where you can fish while enjoying the beautiful views of Mount Meeker, Longs Peak, Mount Lady Washington, Estes Cone, and Twin Sisters. See our facilities page for a comprehensive list of recreational activities.

If you are interested in finding out if High Peak Camp is the perfect place for your next retreat of any group size, contact us or visit our website.