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woman on retreatThe word “retreat” means drawing back or taking a step backward. In the Bible, Jesus Himself modeled retreating when he left the crowds to be by himself to spend time in prayer and with His Father. 

A women’s ministry retreat is a well-planned and purposeful retreat to reconnect with God, usually through prayer. It’s also a time to reflect, rest, and deepen your relationship with others and God. Women’s retreats can be held on a church campus or off-site at a hotel, campground, or retreat center. 

What Is a Women’s Ministry Retreat?

At High Peak Camp, we encourage women's ministry retreats to enjoy nature and the great outdoors while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for fun activities and adventure.

Benefits of a Women’s Ministry Retreat

Organizing, promoting, and putting on a women’s ministry retreat is a lot of effort. However, the benefits of the retreat are well worth the planning! We’ve seen God do great things at High Peak Camp during women’s ministry retreats, including:

1. Closer Walk with God

During a women’s retreat, you will be engaged in Bible teaching, studying, and reflection. In doing so, The Holy Spirit will bring you closer to God.

2. Closer Relationships with Others

Getting away from your family, and friends are important for your relationships. While on a women’s ministry retreat with very few distractions, you’re more available to engage with those you love and bond with them over shared experiences, which leads to closer relationships and growth.

3. Learning More About Yourself

It’s really easy to get caught up in our daily routines. You can explore your identity in Christ and strengthen your relationship with him by spending time away at a women's ministry retreat.

4. Appreciation for the Beauty of God’s Creation

There's a reason why so many Christian retreat centers are located in beautiful, natural places. God's creation is magnificent, and spending time in nature often leads people to worship God. High Peak Camp, located in Denver, CO, provides a spiritual element to the experience and helps guests grow closer to the Lord.

5. Taking Time to Rest

As humans, we need to rest to be fully healthy and productive. God Himself demonstrated the value of rest by forming a rhythm of work and rest at Creations. Going on a women’s ministry retreat can be very restorative and rejuvenating, allowing you to unplug, de-stress, and rest.

About High Peak Camp

Planning a women’s ministry retreat with your friends is a great opportunity for spiritual uplifting and getting to know one another on a deeper level while sharing the love of God. One of the most beautiful areas to plan a women’s retreat near Denver, CO, is High Peak Camp.

We are a Christian camp operated by The Salvation Army. Our mission is to provide a camping experience to create greater knowledge of our relationship with God and our peers, as well as to gain appreciation and respect for God’s creation. 

For more information about our women’s ministry retreat opportunities, contact us.