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MenIt is impossible to overstate the importance of principles like brotherhood, mentorship, and community. Spending time with other young guys who share your goals for reviving your relationships with God and one another is one of the strongest ways to create meaningful friendships. 

Estes Park is one of the best places to visit in Colorado. Even though we only have about 6,000 permanent residents, 6,0000, you can always find individuals from all over the world. If you are planning a men’s retreat, Estes Park’s abundance of activities and proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park makes it incredibly advantageous.

Estes Park Men’s Retreat Centers

There is a wide range of attractions that draw visitors to our region, such as:

  • The absolutely incredible scenery surrounding our town
  • The many miles of hiking trails in Rocky Mountain National Park and throughout the area
  • The region's top-notch cross-country and downhill mountain riding
  • Road biking routes that are unmatched
  • The wonderful eateries and independent stores in Estes Park's downtown and surrounding areas
  • The abundant opportunities to see majestic wildlife

The entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is located just outside Estes Park, CO. High Peak Camp is a retreat center near RNP. 

Men’s Retreat Center Near RNP in Estes Park, CO

High Peak Camp has everything you need in a men’s retreat center:

  • Great Accommodations: Retreat attendees like to stay in nice, clean places. At High Peak, you'll get great lodgings that will enrich your experience.
  • Excellent Meeting Place: The correct meeting space helps encourage individuals to open up by making them feel at ease and confident.  We provide multiple well-designed facilities with the necessary technical conveniences for hosting groups of varying sizes.
  • Fun Things to Do: A good retreat will have enjoyable activities. A climbing wall, zip lines, fishing ponds, archery, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, disc golf, ice skating, broomball, and mini golf are all available on our campus. Finding an activity for your group to undertake is less of a challenge than limiting your alternatives.
  • Access to RNP: Nothing will help you and your retreat attendees remember to keep your attention on your Creator, like a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Visitors to High Peak are just minutes from RNP.

In addition to the amenities on our campus, there are hundreds upon hundreds of miles of hiking trails near us and within Rocky Mountain National Park. There are also opportunities for mountain biking, fly fishing, Jeep/ATV tours, and so much more. 

Located in beautiful Estes Park, CO, High Peak Camp is a Christian retreat center and ministry of the Salvation Army of America. Our mission is to use nature and the great outdoors as a setting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach environmental awareness, encourage pro-social behavior and safely provide opportunities to every camper for fun and adventure.

If you are interested in hosting a men’s retreat at a center near Rocky Mountain National Park, High Peak Camp is the perfect facility in a convenient location. Contact us today for more information about hosting your retreat at High Peak.