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Best Spot to Host Your GroupDo you need a retreat? Everyone needs to get away from the challenges of their daily lives and get back to nature. Some of the reasons you might need to retreat to nature include:

  • You have had a challenging year or two or more like so many.
  • You haven't been out in nature despite the fact that you have chosen to live in Colorado or out west for that very reason. 
  • You have started a new small group that has not had a chance to bond and open up with one another.
  • You are a youth pastor who realizes your students need to get out and experience God’s creation. 
  • You are a small business or corporate leader who wants to give something back to your team. 
  • You are trying to give back to the team that has kept your non-profit running smoothly despite all the challenges they have faced in the last few years. 

Leaders of churches, businesses, small groups, non-profits, college ministries, and civic groups lead people who have many reasons to get away. Scheduling a retreat is a great way to help facilitate rest, rejuvenation, and community. One of the keys to a great retreat is choosing the right location. 

If you’re searching for a retreat center, you might say the closer to Rocky Mountain National Park, the better. Estes Park is one of the few towns in Colorado with access to RMNP. High Peak Camp is located just a short distance from Rocky Mountain National Park and is the perfect retreat center for those who want to be near the park without sacrificing amenities. 

High Peak Camp - the Retreat Center Near Rocky Mountain National Park

High Peak’s proximity to RNP means our guests are just moments away from all that makes the park special, including:

  • Some of the absolute best hiking trails in the world. 
  • The scenic drive to the top of Colorado on Trail Ridge Road. 
  • Experiencing some of the most pristine alpine lakes in the United States. 
  • Shredding mountain biking trails or plunging down some of the best road cycling downhills you can find anywhere. 
  • Seeing fascinating wildlife such as elk, eagles, bears, mule deer, big cats, rabbits, hares, and so much more. 

Other High Peak Camp Retreat Center Benefits 

At High Peak Camp, we have many amenities to help us serve retreat attendees. The facilities at High Peak Camp are a fascinating mix of old and new. New buildings have now been added among our charming historical ones.

Our five newer dorms can accommodate 176 individuals for retreats. There are twenty-five rooms in our Rocky Mountain Lodge that can accommodate up to ninety retreaters. Different smaller cottages are also available as well. 

Our two-story mill building, modern and well-appointed chapel, coach stop, and lodge rooms all have enough space for indoor group meetings. If you need space for your programming and team building, you can find it at High Peak. 

If you want to treat your group to a retreat with access to Rocky Mountain National Park, we would love to answer your questions. Contact the teams at High Peak Camp for more information about retreats at our beautiful facility.