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High School RetreatPastorsIf you are a pastor’s wife, chances are you’re toggling between the overwhelming responsibilities of church and home. From Bible study and prayer ministry to managing homework and taking care of your family, the list of demands can be exhausting.

So much is expected of a pastor’s wife. She is to support her husband’s ministry, raise the ideal family, be a model Christian woman, and help out in the church for free. It may be that she’s constantly being watched and talked about. When her husband is criticized, she takes it the hardest.

Probably people in the church expect her to serve in ways that she doesn’t have time, desire, or gift for. On the other hand, she may have great wisdom or a special ministry to offer in the church that’s not wanted or not financially compensated for.

Typically a pastor’s wife is not called by God to be a pastor; however, by being the wife, she is expected to fulfill a pastoral role. Many times, this is something that she is fully anointed for, but at other times, this may not feel like the case. In both cases, there is a lot of pressure placed on the pastors’ wives to function in the church ministry, which can be very difficult.

When the pastor is reaching the point of burnout, hopefully, church leadership will rally around the pastor and assist during this difficult time. Pastor retreats are an effective and very important method of reducing stress by providing an opportunity to get away from the ministry and recharge. 

This is also true when it comes to the pastor’s wife.

Pastors’ Wives Retreats in Colorado

A pastors’ wives retreat is very important and should be considered by church leadership. If you wish to schedule a pastors’ wives retreat in Colorado,  you should look into utilizing the wonderful High Peak Conference Center in Estes Park

High Peak Camp and Conference Center, located in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado is open year-round and offers a fantastic setting for your next pastor’s wives retreat. Rental facilities are available from mid-August through mid-May. High Peak Camp's facilities are a unique blend of rustic and new. Among the rustic buildings, new structures have been placed. We can host and serve meals for over 150 people.

For overnight stays, our five newer dormitories sleep 176 people. Our Rocky Mountain Lodge has 25 rooms accommodating up to 90 people. For indoor and group meeting needs, our two-story mill building, state-of-the-art chapel, coach stop, and lodge areas provide adequate space. Also available are various smaller cabins.

Three Reasons to Go on a Pastors’ Wives Retreat

  • To remember your identity: Effective retreats help pastors’ wives simply remember they are loved, created, and chosen by God.
  • To recharge your spirit: A great retreat experience should leave you feeling ministered to.  
  • To reset your expectations: For any woman in a leadership or ministry role, taking time to pause and just “be” among new friends who have no expectations can be life-giving. 

The overall purpose of High Peak Camp is to serve the total person physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  If you are interested in scheduling a pastors’ wives retreat at High Peak Camp in Estes Park, Colorado, reach out to us today!