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mens retreat in mountainsDo you want to plan a men’s getaway trip? Are you interested in a men’s retreat? Are you looking for a way to take a break from your busy schedule for a weekend? Whether you’re a father, brother, spouse, or single man, your family and loved ones depend on you for emotional, social, and even financial support. 

Over time, these responsibilities and your daily routine can exhaust your body and mind. Without an outlet, it’s possible for you to succumb to anxiety and stress, which can affect your mind, body, and those around you. 

That is why it’s important for every man to take a break from the routine and travel alone from time to time to unwind. While planning a vacation alone is possible, it’s sometimes better to travel with a group of fellow men to bond and acquire healthy relationships and coping skills for everyday life. 

Men’s retreats are often meant to take you away from your everyday routine in order to rejuvenate your mind and body in a rural and remote location away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Men’s Retreat with Trout Fishing in Estes Park, CO

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are home to some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery and outstanding fly-fishing locations. With over 265,000 acres to explore, plenty of fishing options, and opportunities, Estes Park is the perfect location for a men’s retreat. There are various lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in the area. 

Peak fishing season in Rocky Mountain National Park takes place from mid-June through mid-October when there are plenty of trout. In particular, Lake Estes is filled with rainbow trout, brown trout and a variety of other fish, which can be a rewarding spot to fish.

High Peak Camp is located in Estes Park, Colorado, at the foot of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. It serves at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park as well as numerous other tourist attractions. The Salvation Army, an evangelical branch of the Christian Church, owns and operates High Peak Camp and Conference Center. 

Not only do we offer exciting, safe, and professional outdoor youth camping experiences, we are the perfect venue for group retreats. We provide a variety of services including swimming, fishing, hiking, scheduled activities, and many more.

Book Your Men’s Retreat at High Peak Camp

In addition to being close to Este Park’s fishing spots, High Peak features comfortable lodgings that can accommodate a variety of groups. We take pride in providing exceptional services to our guests who book our camp for Estes Park retreats. For more information about our Retreat Center at High Peak Camp, contact us