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fall retreat in estes parkWhat is the perfect time of year to plan a retreat in Estes Park? That is a challenging question to answer. 

During the summer, you’ll find most things open and reduce the risk of running into weather-related closures. However, you’ll also be battling the heat. Spring provides retreaters with abundant colors and new growth but the potential for surprise snow storms. Winter activities can be fun, but it’s cold.

Fall might be the perfect time for a retreat. The weather is warm and typically dry. While it is not out of the question to have early-season snow, the warm ground will melt it quickly. The colors are stunning, the air is cool, and the wildlife is active. You can’t go wrong with a fall retreat in Estes Park, CO. 

If you are searching for fall retreat facilities near Estes Park, CO, High Peak Camp is the perfect destination. Here are a few of the key reasons to host your fall retreat at Estes Park. 

Estes Park Fall Retreat Facilities

High Peak Camp is a Christian retreat center and ministry of the Salvation Army of America. Our mission is to use nature and the great outdoors as a setting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach environmental awareness, encourage pro-social behavior and safely provide opportunities to every camper for fun and adventure.

Why You Should Host Your Fall Retreat at High Peak Camp

Estes Park is the perfect place for a fall retreat:

  • Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Only a short distance from Estes Park are countless miles of hiking trails in RNP.
  • Both in town and at High Peak Camp, there are a number of fantastic hiking routes.
  • In and around Estes Park, there is some of the greatest trout fishing in the whole world. Several stocked trout ponds are available for your escape at High Peak Camp.
  • Amazing mountain riding can be found at a short distance from Estes Park's center.
  • Shoppers visiting Estes Park have several outstanding options due to the abundance of distinctive local businesses.
  • In our region, late spring is often when temperatures are at their best. As summer approaches, the weather may be extremely pleasant, and the seasons change into stunning colors. Fall offers absolutely amazing displays of color. 

Some of what makes our retreat facilities great for your fall getaway include:

  • Clean and comfortable lodging
  • Meeting spaces that can accommodate groups of various sizes
  • A large kitchen that can feed small and big groups
  • A number of fun activities, including ziplining, low ropes, high ropes, disc golf, archer, a climbing wall, fishing, hiking, and much more
  • Our facility is just a few minutes from downtown Estes Park and RNP
  • An amazing staff ready to serve your group

If you are interested in hosting a fall retreat at a center near Rocky Mountain National Park, High Peak Camp has the retreat facilities you need for your group to have an amazing time. Contact us today for more information about hosting your retreat at High Peak.