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corporate retreatColorado has become one of the most business-friendly states in the country. That is due in no small part to the substantial growth we have experienced in the last few decades. 

Some of what attracts people and businesses to Colorado includes:

  • Population Growth: Businesses that serve individuals or other businesses enjoy the rapid population growth and availability of customers. 
  • Education: Colorado has great schools and universities, while the state has the amenities and economic opportunities that prevent brain drain.
  • Talent: While many jobs are remote, there are some careers that must be done in a fixed location. Whether hiring remotely or for a physical location, companies love the pool of talent in Colorado.
  • Outdoor Activities: Colorado is deeply tied to the outdoor industry. It’s not just tourism that benefits from the beauty of the great outdoors in our state. The availability of hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and other adventure sports helps businesses recruit great employees and attract clients. 
  • Healthcare & More: Colorado benefits from excellent healthcare and healthcare workers who help take care of all people. 

If your company has survived and thrived over the last few years despite the effects of a global pandemic on the economy, you deserve to receive accolades. Your staff also deserves to be recognized. 

One of the ways you can show your employees how much you appreciate them while also getting some valuable team-building time is by taking them on a corporate retreat.

Colorado Corporate Retreat Centers - High Peak Camp in Estes Park

For Colorado companies searching for the best retreat centers, you'll find none better than High Peak Camp in Estes Park. We take pride in providing excellent guest service at High Peak Camp. 

Every day, we work hard to make your visit to our facilities as enjoyable as possible. We offer a mix of rustic and modern structures that can be used for a range of retreats.

Activities at High Peak Camp 

We have a wide range of available activities to help your team have fun while also building comradery:

  • Countless hiking trails within camp and nearby 
  • Trout ponds for fishing 
  • A climbing wall, zip line, and low ropes course
  • An excellent disc golf course
  • Fun team-building activities like BroomBall, Mini Golf, Gaga ball
  • Numerous places to sit in view of the mountains

It’s not just fun activities that make our retreat center special. We have a number of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, comfortable lodging, and a large commercial kitchen that can accommodate a large group. 

Proximity of High Peak to Metro Areas

Located in Estes Park, High Peak Camp has the benefit of being within a short drive of several Colorado metro areas:

  • High Peak Camp is just over an hour and a half from Denver International Airport.
  • High Peak Camp is only two and a half hours from downtown Colorado Springs. 
  • High Peak Camp is a little over an hour from Fort Collins.
  • High Peak Camp is about an hour from Boulder. 

High Peak Camp Corporate Retreats

High Peak Camp is a Christian camp operated by The Salvation Army Intermountain Division. The facility and program are run to the standards set by the American Camping Association and the Christian Camping and Conference Association. 

We have a number of amenities that help us serve corporate retreats for your business or non-profit organization. For more information about hosting a retreat at High Peak Camp, contact our team today