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church leader retreat facilityBooking a retreat in the Rocky Mountains is one of the best ways to force you and your church leaders to step outside of their comfort zone. High Peak Camp is one of the top retreat facilities close to Estes Park, Colorado, despite the fact that there are many other interesting places you might hold your retreat.

High Peak Camp - The Best Church Leader Retreat Facility in Colorado

The "Gateway to the Rocky Mountains" is home to High Peak Camp, Colorado's top church leader retreat facility. We may be biased, but a retreat in one of the most magnificent natural locations in the US is the best way to get your group away from the fast-paced pace of life.

A Salvation Army camp, High Peak Camp, aims to meet each individual's physical, mental, social, and spiritual requirements. We believe that utilizing nature and the outdoors is an excellent way to share the good news of Jesus Christ, teach people about the environment, encourage pro-social behavior, and safely provide opportunities for adventure.

Despite the fact that we are primarily a camp, this mission permeates our retreat options. We have access to a wide range of fantastic activities, hotel choices, and Rocky Mountain National Park in near proximity.

We built a brand-new zip line in 2016, as well as a mini golf course, an archery range, and a 40-foot climbing tower in 2012. These are the things we have outside. Modern Astro Turf soccer field, basketball court, and sand volleyball court are all available. On our land, there are a lot of simple hiking routes, including Rocky Mountain

Lodging at High Peak

The amenities of High Peak Camp are a special fusion of the old and new. There are some contemporary structures nearby the older ones.

Our five newest dorms have a total of 176 beds available for overnight stays. With 25 rooms, our Rocky Mountain Lodge can house up to 90 guests. We have adequate room in our two-story mill building, state-of-the-art chapel, coach stop, and lodge rooms for group gatherings indoors. Additionally, a number of smaller cabins are offered.

Book Your Next Retreat With High Peak Camp

High Peak Camp would be a perfect location for your upcoming church leader retreat. We provide a variety of lodging alternatives, a superb cooking staff, and top-notch activities right in the middle of the Rockies. For additional information or with any other questions, please contact us.