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Christian Summer CampWhat is your favorite season? As an adult, you might take a moment to contemplate whether you enjoy the newness of spring or the colors of fall. For a moment, you may legitimately debate internally about the possibility that the allure of sitting beside the fire watching the snowfall makes winter a contender for the best. 

However, if you ask kids about their favorite season, they will almost universally answer summer. Think about what makes summer special for kids:

  • Summer is a time when they feel most free.
  • Summer is the season with the most sunshine. 
  • Summer is when their friends are available to play.
  • Summer is when kids get to see the world beyond school.
  • Summer is long enough that it feels like it will never end. 

To give your kids the most special summer, one that they will surely remember, send them to summer camp at High Peak Camp in Estes Park, CO. High Peak Camp is a Christian summer camp operated by The Salvation Army Intermountain Division. The facility and program are run to the standards set by the American Camping Association and the Christian Camping and Conference Association.

Christian Summer Camp Estes Park, CO

What does it mean to be at a Christian summer camp? The overall purpose of High Peak Camp is to serve the total person physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We aim to facilitate goals such as:

  • Helping campers develop a deeper understanding of their relationship with God
  • Helping campers better exist in community with their fellow human beings
  • Helping campers gain an appreciation and respect for God's creation and humanity's responsibility for proper stewardship
  • Helping campers develop a healthy sense of self-respect and individual dignity

Why Every Kid Should Experience Summer Camp

A few of the reasons every kid should go to summer camp in Colorado:

  • The activities at High Peak Camp provide your child with possibilities that he or she may never have had before, all set against the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.
  • Counselors at summer camps are role models, providing opportunities to interact with older teens and young adults. Throughout the week at camp, camp counselors are trained to support children in their personal and spiritual development. 
  • We think that spiritual development, in addition to personal development, is critical in equipping well-rounded individuals with strong morals who can have a lasting effect on the world around them since we are a Christian camp.
  • Many people recall their childhood summer camp experiences. High Peak Camp will leave an indelible mark on your kids. From the friends they make to the beauty of the mountains, kids will always think about their camp experiences favorably.

For a Christian camp in Colorado, your child will love the time they spend at High Peak Camp in Estes Park. Our summer camp is within a short distance of Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, but we welcome kids from all over. Contact us for more information about our Christian summer camp in Estes Park.