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Six Tips for Planning a Women's Retreat

Women’s retreats are one of the best ways to develop and strengthen your bond with your group of female friends. If you have a group of women of which you are a part, planning a women’s retreat can help ensure your group grows together while being close to nature. Furthermore, retreats are a great way for you and your friends to experience emotional release and physical rejuvenation. 


If you want to develop and strengthen your bond, you should get a head start on planning a women’s retreat. Estes Park, Colorado, is the perfect location for your women’s group getaway. In this blog, we've compiled six useful tips for planning a women's retreat.

Six Tips for Planning a Women’s Retreat

1. Finding the Right Location

Deciding on the perfect location for your women’s retreat can be a challenge. With a wide range of options, including campgrounds, conference centers, resorts, and venues, you should schedule a time to research different locations in the desired area you want to host your retreat. 

High Peak Camp is located in Estes Park, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, making it the ideal location for a memorable women's retreat.

2. Having Reliable Transportation

If you’re planning a women’s retreat, it’s your responsibility to ensure your group has access to transportation to and from the retreat location. Depending on how far away the retreat is and the size of your group, carpooling or renting a vehicle are possible options. Discuss with your women’s group and plan transportation arrangements accordingly. 

3. Find Out What Your Women’s Group Needs

Each of your friends will have her own ideas about what to do and where to go, but the intention of the women’s retreat is more important. A successful girls' weekend away will be planned for your friends' specific needs. 

If everyone has been involved in work for months, try an unplugged getaway, such as a mountain lodge. If your friends are overwhelmed with family responsibilities, it's time to pamper yourselves with spa treatments and delicious food.

4. Planning Meals

While some retreat locations include meals in the rental price, other places may expect you to bring your own food or arrange catered meals. If you intend to cook, converse with your group about meal planning, budget, and cooking and cleaning duties. 

For catered meals, make sure you know how many people will be attending and if there are any specific dietary needs that must be taken into account when creating a menu. 

5. Look for Lodging Accommodations

If you book multiple hotel rooms on different floors, you won’t have anywhere to hang out. But, if everyone is packed into a single room, there will be a long line for the bathroom. The best accommodations for a girls' weekend include spaces for alone time, for heart-to-heart conversations, and for late-night group karaoke. High Peak Camp has comfortable lodging options as well as various indoor hangout spots that can accommodate any group size. 

6. Plan Retreat Activities

Depending on your women’s group, you may have allocated unstructured free time as part of the retreat agenda. However, if you're hoping to plan a few fun activities, we recommend taking advantage of the many activities and amenities your retreat location offers. You can organize a weekend of hiking, mediation, yoga, and even movie nights. 

What Are the Benefits of Planning a Women’s Retreat?

If you keep getting signs that it's time for a women's retreat but wondering, "I'm not sure if it's really for me." or "What are the benefits of going on retreat?" then here are some reasons why you should plan a women's retreat:

  • Connect With Nature
  • Surround Yourself With Positive Energy
  • Strengthen Your Bond With Your Group
  • Find Healing For Your Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Take Time For Yourself to Relax and Escape
  • Return to Normal Life Refreshed
  • Have a Unique Experience

Women’s Retreats in Estes Park, CO at High Peak Camp

High Peak Camp is located in beautiful Estes Park, just two and a half hours from Colorado Springs and within an hour and a half from Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder. We have comfortable lodging that meet the needs of a variety of groups and indoor and outdoor meeting spaces that suit a range of needs. 

If you are searching for a retreat venue near Rocky Mountain National Park, High Peak Camp is a great choice. We'd love to talk with you more about how a weekend retreat at our camp could benefit your college organization.

If you would like to book your women’s retreat or have additional questions, contact us.