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Six Activities to Do on Your Next College Retreat

College is a unique transitional stage in which young adults can meet people from various backgrounds and cultures, make connections, and gain experience. A college retreat, in particular, is one of the many ways to engage college students in learning and involvement. 

Organizing a college retreat can help your students get to know one another and step outside of their comfort zone while having fun and experiencing new things. High Peak Camp in Estes, CO is a beautiful location for your college retreat, and we'd like to share six activities you can plan for your retreat. 


Activities to Do on Your College Retreat

1. Take a Tour of High Peak Camp

When your group arrives, taking a tour of High Peak Camp is a great retreat activity for students to become acquainted with our amenities, outdoor activities, and lodging. It's also an opportunity for those who want to capture nature's beauty, explore the area, and take in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

High Peak Camp is conveniently located in the beautiful resort town of Estes Park, which offers plenty of things to do, a walkable downtown, and many areas for sightseeing.  

2. Go On an Afternoon Hike

A group hike is an excellent way to spend time together while also promoting wilderness skills and fitness. It's the ideal outdoor activity for students who want to reconnect with nature while also spending quality time with their peers. 

High Peak Camp is surrounded by a variety of trails from which to choose. Before you start your hike, make sure your students have everything they need, including food, water, appropriate shoes and clothing, and a first aid kit. Check the weather forecast to ensure that your students are properly prepared for the weather.

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Another way to engage and connect with students in team-building activities is to plan a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can be based on both exploring the outdoors while working in a small group and enjoying friendly competition. 

First, divide your students into groups and distribute a list of items or riddles that can be found at High Peak Camp. Allow each team a set amount of time to explore the camp and record their findings. The winning team is the group of students who find the most items on the checklist.

4. Trivia and Board Games Night

Not only do students enjoy participating in trivia, but it's also a great way to test your student's knowledge of diverse topics while getting to know each other and having good laughs. During the evenings, another enjoyable group activity is playing classic board and card games. 

If you really want to go all out, you can provide tasty snacks, themed decor, and even prizes for the winners. High Peak Camp has a variety of comfortable communal spaces and amenities to accommodate any retreat group.

5. Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Regardless of where you plan to go for your college retreat, it's ideal to be able to schedule some fun outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, disc golf, or even something adventurous like ziplining. 

The fresh air and exercise will help energize your students and make time for socializing. High Peak Camp offers a variety of outdoor activities in the Rockies for retreat attendees to experience.

6. Play Team-Centered Sports

Team-based sports like soccer, volleyball, or kickball tend to be the most popular amongst college students. They're fun, easy to play, and are not too difficult to pick up if someone hasn't played them before. 

This activity encourages physical exercise and gives everyone the chance to work together on something fun. Potential alternatives to “team sports” could include ropes courses, mini-golf, broomball, or an obstacle course.

Plan Your College Camp Retreat at High Peak Camp

At High Peak Camp, college students have the opportunity to reconnect with God and nature, strengthen friendships, and experience discipleship. Located in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is known as a majestic mountain destination for outdoor adventure, watchable wildlife, and scenic beauty. 

We offer a variety of fun, exciting team activities, including climbing walls, zip lining, hiking, fishing, archery, and much more. 

We also have a number of options for accommodations and amenities to help us serve retreat attendees. We're also just minutes from downtown Estes Park, where you can go shopping, eat at excellent restaurants, and stroll around a charming town with Rockies views. If you're interested in booking High Peak Camp, contact us.