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High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp

The teenage years are a time when kids are beginning to become who they will be as adults. For parents, it is an exciting and challenging time of wonder and worry. 

High school can also be a stressful time for students. They are under pressure to perform academically, while also dealing with what can be challenging relationships and a host of personal changes. 

High schoolers need a break. They need an opportunity to get away from school, social media, and the challenges of being a teenager. They need a chance to be a kid again. How can parents and church leaders facilitate a break from the pressures of being a teenager? High schoolers need a weekend at camp.


If you know high school students who need a break, here is why High Peak Camp is the perfect choice. 

Five Reasons High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp

1) High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp to Relax

While your teenagers may not be under the same pressures as you to provide for their families, the stress they feel is still very real to them. Just like any adult who feels the stress and pressure of keeping up with their responsibilities, your high school student(s) need time away to find peace and refocus on the things that really matter.

2) High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp to Strengthen Friendships

While it may not yield as many new friendships as a week at summer camp, a weekend retreat for high schoolers is an opportunity to spend time with friends face-to-face. It is a chance to connect with people their own age who are going through similar struggles and celebrate similar accomplishments. 

High school students need an opportunity to spend time with each other in a low-pressure setting outside of school and away from their phone screens. A high school retreat is a perfect chance to strengthen friendships. 

3) High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp to Experience the Outdoors

Teenagers are not spending as much time outdoors. According to a study by the Outdoor Foundation:

  • Only about 20% of Americans get outdoors to exercise at least once a week.
  • In 2018, Americans took one billion fewer outdoor trips than they did in 2008.
  • Sixty-three percent of respondents who say they go outside say they do so within 10 miles of their house.
  • In 2018, children went on 15% fewer yearly outdoor outings than in 2012.

However, getting outside benefits teens:

“Time spent actively outside can help increase fitness levels for children and teens, and the exposure to nature can diminish stress levels and symptoms of ADHD in some children. Studies have found that connecting with nature makes people more kind and better at interacting with others in social settings.” - Pediatrician James (Tony) Bakerink, MD, founder of Wee Care Pediatrics.

Your teenagers need to be able to be kids. A high school retreat at an outdoor center like High Peak Camp helps them get out and experience nature like they would have when they were younger children. 

4) High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp to Connect with God

Retreats at an outdoor camp are not only about experiencing creation but connecting with the Creator. According to Romans one, creation reveals who God is, so all can see his character. In addition to nature, a high school retreat helps teenagers carve out time to read the Scriptures and pray. 

We all could use a chance to reconnect with God through his gospel and the beautiful surroundings that remind us of his creative power and glory. 

5) High Schoolers Need a Weekend at Camp to Remember What They’re Working For

When a teen’s head is buried in their work, it can be hard to look up to the world around them and remember the reasons they are striving so hard to succeed. It can feel like all the hours they spend pouring over information and working on tedious projects is a waste of time. As we get older, it is easier to see how the work we do now pays dividends later, but for students, it’s not as clear yet. 

A weekend retreat helps students get their noses out of their books and gain perspective they might not otherwise get without a break from their day-to-day work. It’s a reminder that there is more to life than school and social media. 

They can catch a glimpse of a time when they will no longer have to worry about the burden of school and making sure they get into college, although they don’t yet realize how much they will miss the good ol’ days. 

High School Retreats at High Peak Camp in Estes Park

If you are a student pastor, extracurricular leader, coach, or someone who works with high school students, we don’t have to tell you how much the kids you work with need a break. High Peak Camp is the perfect place to host a retreat for teenagers. 

We are located in Estes Park, less than two hours from Denver and Fort Collins. Our property provides access to Rocky Mountain National Park while still being convenient to downtown. If you would like more information on hosting a high school retreat at High Peak, reach out to us today