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Five Tips for Planning Your Corporate Retreat

Suppose you are the leader of a business that has survived and possibly thrived in the last few years; congratulations on making it this far. The challenges companies faced throughout the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues have gone above and beyond the difficulties you would expect in business. 

Many closed-up shop and others are hanging on by a thread due to no fault of their own. If you made it, you and your team deserve a round of applause. 

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, we can begin to think about things like marketing, sales, accounting, taxes, etc. You may want to thank your team for sticking it out during the tough times and helping your organization get this far. 

You may have picked up some new team members and realized it's time to start developing relations. A corporate retreat can help say thanks while also facilitating valuable team building. 


As a camp and retreat center in Estes Park, CO, we have considerable experience helping host corporate retreats. Here are a  few tips for making sure you have a great retreat that accomplishes your goals.

How to Have a Helpful and Productive Corporate Retreat

1) Determine the Purpose for Your Retreat

A good retreat has a purpose and objectives. Here are a few questions to ask to help workshop your goals for your retreat:

  • What is the primary reason for hosting a corporate retreat? Is it to say thanks? Is it to incorporate new team members? Is this a retreat for relaxation or work?
  • If you could help your people take away one thing from the retreat, what would it be?
  • What are some goals you have for your organization over the next year, five years, or decade? How can you use your retreat to reinforce those goals for your team? 

Determine the purpose or purpose(s) for your retreat, so you can ensure it is as productive as you need it to be. 

2) Start Planning Your Retreat as Soon as Possible

Your retreat may or may not be mandatory. Regardless, there are many reasons you want to put it on the calendar early:

  • You want to give your people a chance to plan with their families. 
  • You want to give yourself time to book the right facility. 
  • You want to give leaders a chance to plan their roles. 
  • You want to establish your objectives and themes. 
  • You want to arrange all the details in a timely manner. 
  • You want your retreat to be relaxing, not stressful. 

3) Choose a Scenic Location with Suitable Facilities 

One of the reasons you want to book your retreat early is so you can choose the right location. A beautiful facility will communicate your appreciation for your team and inspire creativity. 

  • Natural Beauty: High Peak Camp, for example, is located in the midst of some of the tallest mountains in the United States, with plenty of natural beauty on our campus. 
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Our lodging is clean and comfortable and can accommodate groups of various sizes. 
  • Meeting Spaces and Amenities: Our meeting spaces can accommodate small and large groups and have technological amenities to serve many needs. 
  • Fun Activities: No retreat is complete without fun activities. We have everything from hiking to disc golf, high ropes, low ropes, a zipline, and a climbing wall. 

High Peak Camp is surrounded by nature and the beauty of God’s creation. Located in Estes Park, our retreat center has quick access to downtown Estes Park and RNP. 

4) Avoid Over-Scheduling Your Retreat

The tendency to over-schedule a retreat can come from the desire to ensure productivity and the fear of causing boredom. You don't want your retreat to feel like a waste of time to your organization or your team. It is possible to have too much downtime and not enough retreating. Here are a few tips to help strike the right balance:

  • Don’t feel like you need to schedule every moment of the retreat. You don’t want the retreat to be stressful, and you don’t want to rush through good moments. 
  • Don’t leave too much downtime. Even though you want the retreat to be relaxing, it’s not going to feel like a vacation for your people. It is still work for your team, so you want to make sure it feels productive. 
  • Make sure you schedule plenty of fun activities. That is one of the main reasons for scheduling the retreat in the first place.  

5) Show Your Team You Appreciate Them

A retreat is a great time to show your appreciation for your team. Some ideas for how to do that on a retreat include: 

  • Take time to address everyone as a group and express gratitude. 
  • Give out gifts and/or bonuses. 
  • Talk to people individually and tell them specific things that you appreciate about them and their work. 
  • Provide high-quality food and spring for some of the best activities. 

Corporate Retreats at High Peak Camp

High Peak Camp provides high-quality corporate retreat facilities in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. Our team is ready to serve you and make sure your organization has a fun, relaxing, productive retreat. For more information about our lodging, meeting rooms, activities, and amenities, reach out to the team at High Peak today